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Coffee Works is a well estalished company, that has been in operation for many years.  Coffee Works main aim was to service the hot beverage industry.  This included sales, service and maintenance of various leading brands of espresso machines, grinders and cream machines.

Later the company looked at synergies to expand their business in order to service a more diverse market.  Coffee Works looked at specialising in the soft serve machinery industry, the company chose to align itself with the the leading soft serve brand, Taylor. As with espresso machines, the company specialises in sales, service and maintenance on the Taylor soft serve machines and has extensive experience wit all the different models.

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Coffee Works strives on a day to day bases to be client, quality and service driven.  It is important to the company to grow their name in order to grow their business at the same time.

The company is in a well situated geographical area which minimizes travel time to customers in all directions of Gauteng.  Being centralized means shorter reaction time to customer call out, hence delivering a better service.

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Coffee Works has a simple business philosophy:

  • To provide a service that meets Clients’ agreed requirements
  • To develop our people to improve our core competencies and their job satisfaction by providing the necessary resources for strategic, operational and support management of our business
  • To select our Suppliers and Partners fairly and without prejudice to other stakeholders
  • To comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements

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With extensive years of experience among the employers and employees partners, Coffee Works has managed to gain their fair market share through hard work and knowledge.  The company ensures that all staff are up to date with new developments as well as technological challenges that might face the company.

Contact Details

Landline: 010-210 7059  –  jp (AT)

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