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Our textile mill has five important segments:



Although spinning is not our core business, we do have a structured facility in order to process some yarns for the production of chenille, bouclés and botonets fabrics.



We currently have 22 looms that permit us make our own base cloths. We have both Jacquard woven and Ratier machines of high technology that guarantees excellence in quality, offering great versatility.



Depending on the fabrics’ composition, we can dye our piece-dyed fabrics with reactive, disperse or cationic dye techniques. For this process we are equipped with 4 Jigger machines and 2 High Temperature Turbo machines.



We can divide this process into four sub- categories:

(Pigments, Disperse, Cationic or Reactive Dyes)

  • Hand-Made Printing – We still have some hand-made screen printing.
  • Screen Printing (by electromagnetism) – We have a Zimmer Machine that screen prints by electromagnetism.
  • Cylinder Printing – We have a Zimmer cylinder printing machine.

(Universal Ink)

  • Digital Printing – Most recent acquisition, the Digital Printing Machine permits us printing with special effects and use an unlimited number of colors. Almost reaching a photographic quality print. We only print natural bases on it.



We have many different possibilities for finishing. Depending on the fabrics’ composition, it can be applied: FIPROTEC (water repellency), FIPROTEC PLUS (stain and water repellency), SOFT PLUS (mechanical finishing process that raftens the fabric), SOFT (preserve smooth and softner properties), PRE SHRUNKEN (avoids excessive shrinkage after wet treatment), NON DURABLE  FLAME RETARDANT (avoids the spreading of flames), ACTIGARD (provides a large-spectrum protection against microbial activity) among others.

For this process we have three important equipment:

A RAMMA machine that has its own foulard for impregnation, a BIANCHALANI AIRO machine and an ARIOLI Vaporization Machine.


Our standard width is 1,40 meters. We print in rolls (our minimum quantity is 60 meters = 1 roll).



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