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Slo-Jo, Taste Architects


Since the early founding days of 2000, Slo-Jo has offered tailor-made beverage experiences on a global scale.

We draw our inspiration from keeping a close eye on global trends and local #Flava.


We locally supply over 3000 stores and service more than 15 countries internationally, as well as manufacture our full product range in over 6 countries worldwide.

We offer a wide range of products from Powders (Skinny & Conventional); Ice Teas (Skinny & Conventional); Coulis (Fruit Based); Local Premium Syrups; Sauces; Teasers & Concentrates; RedEspresso; French Imported Syrups & everything in-between!


Additional services include but not limited to:


– Warehouse & Logistics

– Manufacturing (Local & International)

– Machinery and Equipment (Glassware Included)

– Flavour Replication

– Re-Engineered Product Development

– Recipe Development

– Innovation& Trend Insights

– On site Training & Marketing Support


Taste buds everywhere love us You probably will too.

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