Restaurant Assist began in 2012 with the idea of supplying a service to the restaurant industry through out South Africa, we began with an idea which then evolved into a much broader plan to assist any and all food and beverage outlets as well as wholesalers, distributors and more. We are agents of various  suppliers in South Africa and we supply products of the highest quality and we always try to negotiate the best price possible to meet our clients’ needs. Without the clients and the consumers none of this would be possible so we always put them first and this is why we focus on supplying only the best quality at the best possible price.

We also deal with various suppliers to assist in other areas of interest and we are always looking to expand our network and evolve further into the greater goal that we have set out for our company. We advertise certain suppliers and products on our website but we are not limited to this alone, please be sure to contact us about anything that you require and we will communicate further into our existing network to try our best to assist you in any way that we possibly can.


If you are interested in joining our network of suppliers send us an email or give us a call. Restaurant Assist prides itself on offering a service of the utmost quality and the suppliers that complete our network will be a direct indication of this. We always welcome feedback whether it is good or bad, from all our customers and suppliers alike and we strive to help everyone within our network to prosper in the best way possible.

We have managed to communicate with various entities in the food sector over the years and managed to form some valuable connections with suppliers, manufacturers, farmers, distributors and more. For this reason we are able to assist with various food & beverage products and services. We are also involved with buyers and sellers in the import/export market and our company has links in different parts of the world.

Our cooking oil range that we can supply consists of but is not limited to the following, pure sunflower cooking oil, pure palm oil, canola oil, olive oil, Soya oil, maize oil, corn oil, vegetable oils and we also have catering blends and different blends pf cooking oil to meet your needs. We can assist with new and used drums on our 20 litre range, we also offer rewashed options on certain brands and we can assist with bulk cooking oil as well as used cooking oil as we deal with fully certified collectors of used oil. We also supply Maize meal products direct from mill, super maize meal, maize flour, special maize meal, yellow maize meal, braaipap, creamy maize etc. white star, Iwisa, Imbo, Champ, Samp products. We deal directly with Indlovu milling, Premier foods, Pioneer foods (Pepsico), Indlani, ITAU, and others. We can also assist with Sasko flour, self raising flour, Spekko rice, Nice rice, Select rice, Invicta, Nyala, Supersun, Impala, Snowflake, Creations, Easymix, bread flour, cake flour, all purpose flour, Bran, Instant porridge, Mabela. We deal with Irving Soya and can offer Soya mince, Soya flour, Soya seeds and more. Joekels tea range also on offer. Eggs, fruit, vegetables, meat suppliers, nuts, nut farmers. Rice. bulk supply. We can also assist with firewood, fertilizers.