Bubble Tea


Bubble Tea Shop Online (BTSO) is a wholesale supplier to restaurant and bar owners across South Africa, specialising in Bubble Tea- a new niche drink to South Africa which has been well received across the world. In addition to our reputation as a top-notch Bubble Tea supplier, we also take pride in providing our products to Mixologists to enhance their cocktails and Frozen Yogurt franchises as a topping.

We specialise in in supplying:

  • Bursting Boba (aka popping pearls. A juice ball which bursts in your mouth with liquid flavour)
  • Nata de coco– a devious gummy textured treat often used as a topping.
  • Fat Straws– super fat straws best used for bubble tea, smoothies and milkshakes
  • Syrups– a range of hand crafted syrups best used to make bubble tea with.
  • Powders– popular and more niche flavoured powders to make shakes and smoothies with.
  • Equipment and machinery– cup sealing machine, shakers, filter scoops and anything more you may need to successfully make and sell bubble tea.

We also provide business consultation and marketing tools along with hands-on training and product education to our clients to help maximise sales and returns.


For more info please email us at info@btso.co.za