Serv Ice


The business was established in 1990 with registered head office at 88 Hayes Road,
Protea Ridge, Krugersdorp, with ANDRE MARAIS being the sole member. The workshop
And the spares department is situated at plot 32, Oaktree, Krugersdorp.


Serv Ice CC was the sole importer and distributor of ICETRONIC ICE MACHINES from Italy and also imports and distributes the MANITOWOC range of ice machines from the USA.MANITOWOC has taken over ICETRONIC ice machines and after modifications are marketing the complete range of the sprayer system machines under the MANITOWOC name. Machines producing from 20kg to 850kg ice per 24 hours are available. All spare parts for ICETRONIC and MANITOWOC ice machines are stocked as standard items.


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Serv-Ice Series2


New I- Model Series – 600, 1200, 1800


The workshop and the spares department is situated at

Plot 32, Oaktree, Krugersdorp.

Tel :  010-210 7059

Email: jp (AT)


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